Demo 2013

by The Necroholics

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The Necroholics first demo from February of 2013


released January 8, 2014

Guitar & Vocals - Justin
Drums & Backups - Nick
Bass & Backups - Dave

Introduction (Greetings, my friends...) written and performed by Nathan Erdel at Gentleman Monster Productions
Introduction uses pieces of "Prelude" & "Main Title" From Plan 9 OST

Recorded at the Suburban Dungeon
Produced, mixed & mastered by Christopher Leh (



all rights reserved


The Necroholics Chicago, Illinois

From the depths of darkness come the newest horror band to hit the scene. Not quite punk, not quite metal, The Necroholics are whatever the hell they want to be. Aggressive, gruesome, vile and perverse, The Necroholics are bringing a new level of darkness to the midwest horror scene. ... more

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Track Name: Bone Eater
We'll take you from your home
We'll tear the flesh right off your bone
There is no way to escape your fate
We'll have you on our fucking plate

We'll smash your fucking head
and carve all of your insides out
We'll bathe in your fucking blood
and laugh every time you shout

We are the Bone Eater
Come and be our meal tonight!
Track Name: Slender
Imposing figures in the night
Dancing and playing by the blue screen light...
He's not based in reality
How can he be coming for me, too?

A simple test
Of my mental states unrest.
I wanna go back to the way it was
Before the white noise buzz became a plague on my mind and warned of terror to unfold!

He knows me
Now he knows you too!
The Slenderman is watching you...

In the dark empty blackness and unrest
A terrifying, mesmerizing, horrifying test
Is he there or is he just in my head?
There's something wrong with this silence, feels like I'm being lead...

Into the woods
There is no hope
A blank expression shows me
My minds last thoughts are (AHHHH!)

A trick of light!
A glimpse of fate!
The faceless terror stalks you
Til you're in the grave!

The Slender Man will come
When you expect no one
To be there in your room
A gruesome fate could never come to soon!
Track Name: Unending Terror
We are the unending terror! Go!

We are the sneering, putrid
unrelenting end of your life!
You have no control!
A million fucking ways to die!

Haunt you in your dreams
Feeding off your screams!
(Your shouts of terror give us power!)

Can you feel us coming
Hear us breathing, creeping on you
Tear you from the light!
To never come back
To be a victim of your life!