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Written for Nathan Erdel's short film Unwelcome.

Nate is the unofficial 4th Necroholic, and we love him like part of the family so we jumped at the chance to work with him and give him something that we are really proud of.

Unwelcome premiers May 7th at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Unwelcome on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UnwelcomeMovie


Dead still, calm of the night
No you'll never make it out of here alive
Unwanted guests and my patience is tested
Something like an urban legend, I've been here forever

A feeling that is real inside of me
I watch the human race go by
They're something I can never be

This home isn't yours
These rooms, these walls, these hallowed floors
I'll take back what is mine
A cruel re-enactment of my life

I've been here for years
A picture of insanity and now you appear
to thing you own this place
Well I've got something to tell you...
Just one last thing to tell you that...

You are Unwelcome!
You're never alone
You are Unwelcome
Not in my home

Start a new life
No one here to tell us what is right
Every night our own, in the safety of our home!

Something isn't right
These things are moving on their own
All in the emptiness of night
This cruel reality my life

Truth is all my fears
Bring me to insanity and then you appear
A cruel unfeatured face
I think that we're unwanted
I think she's telling both of us that...

We are Unwelcome
We're never alone
We are Unwelcome
Not in this home


released March 20, 2014
Music and Lyrics: The Necroholics

The Necroholics are:
Wayne Shank: Vocals, guitar and bass
Nick: Drums and vocals



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The Necroholics Chicago, Illinois

From the depths of darkness come the newest horror band to hit the scene. Not quite punk, not quite metal, The Necroholics are whatever the hell they want to be. Aggressive, gruesome, vile and perverse, The Necroholics are bringing a new level of darkness to the midwest horror scene. ... more

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